Four string gun slinger - Jammin Crowfoot

Jamin started playing guitar & writing

songs aged 14, which must be about 15

years ago.  He should have practiced

more, but instead started playing the

bass.  He has been in numerous bands

over the years including Axehead

(acapella thrash), The Steaming

Zig Zags, Witch Kiss, The Fire Brigade ,

Crawford Mac, The Sensational Ben Crawford experience, but none of them really did much.  He has also played banjo & provided occasional backing vocals in the Whistlin' Dixies and still plays bass & occasional guitar in the Wrong Side of Sober.  He remains true to the time honoured bass playing tradition of remaining motionless & expressionless whilst playing, in preference to the other time honoured bass playing tradition of doing the chicken head.  He continues to write his own concept album "Emotional Dynamite", which got its name when he played his then girlfriend one of its songs about a previous girlfriend.

Bass heroes - Lemmy Kilmister, John Entwistle, Andy Fraser, Dusty Hill, Bernard Edwards, Steve Harris 

Other interests - Stained glass art

Favourite Colour - Black 

Favourite things - Rock & Roll

Eyes - Blue

Hair - STILL


BEN 5.jpg