Lisa Kilcar -  Lead Vocals

Lisa is a Singer/Songwriter from the

North East of England with a BIG voice

and an infectious energy and has been 

featured in ...

The Northern Echo,

TGH Rocks

and  NE Volume

Lisa first started singing in 2014 with another local Rock Band ,   RIFFLOVER .   On leaving Lisa entered into a whole new creative phase with her songwriting and decided that it was time to put her long time ambition of recording some of her own songs into gear, along with the help of another local musician, James Henderson (of  LAST ANTHEM)

The new band   UNSPOKEN  has come out of her love of rock music and need to continue gigging with the support of a talented and creative bunch of musicians.  The original songs that she has written and thrown over to the band have taken a life of their own.   “It is great working with people who can feel their way through the creative process”.


Eclectic Musical influences

Favourite Band - Pearl Jam

Eyes - Hazel

Interests - Many, including Surfing, Art and the Universe